Newsletter Editorial 2|2015

Welcome to the 2nd k•d•m semi consulting Newsletter issue of 2015. k•d•m is very pleased to inform you that we have moved Shibui-IT™ beyond the proof of concept development stage. This newly developed SaaS suite software solutions compile, monitor, edit and analyze financial data in an unprecedented fashion. k•d•m has used CRM and ERP data from a mid-sized fictitious components supplier to demonstrate Shibui-IT™’s capabilities and applications within a complex and real-life business scenario. Many of Shibui-IT™’s applications have passed rigorous testing and are now available for review and evaluation. I am also happy to announce that k•d•m has introduced minor changes to the website’s layout. In order to communicate with our growing customer base as directly and frequently as possible, we have implemented a new feature, the k•d•m news blog. This brand-new feature allows our clients, partners, and prospective customers to stay up-to-date with k•d•m semi consulting’s latest services and offers.

Warm regards,
Klaus D Mueller