Shibui-IT™ is now operational and available for purchase

Today, after 2 ½ years, the Shibui-IT™ software suite, capable of transferring and loading any form of ERP & CRM data through the Shibui-IT™ Advanced Connector (SAC) into a Shibui-IT™ databank for the purpose of creating easy-to-use and customized Business Intelligence (BI) reports, is ready to launch. The wait has been well worth it: the complete Shibui-IT™ SW & HW architectural solution is now operational and available for purchase.

The business value of Shibui-IT™’s front-end tool is simple: it not only creates and delivers Shibui-IT™ key performance indices (KPI) reports and ad hoc analysis and querying to communicate the company’s performance but helps the company to understand it. With it, executives, managers and business users can take immediate action based on the most up-to-date information. It creates a common and accurate reference point for decision-making in every department and at every level. The reports can be accessed with any browser. There is no additional software application to install and reports can be accessed and retrieved from any smartphone, tablet, PC or desktop.

“We at k•d•m believe in the many advantages that Shibui-IT™ solution can bring to your organization, said Klaus Mueller, Founding Partner kdm semi consulting GmbH. For the purpose of this PoC, we have stress-tested our creation. We have devised a data set of a fictitious Tier 2 components company which has been loaded into a simplified Shibui-IT™ ERP/CRM database running on a SQL server. This case study, based on real-world conditions and performance parameters, brings to life the many, substantial opportunities Shibui-IT™ SaaS solution can offer to companies before you purchase our product: the closest we can bring you to a risk-free investment.

About kdm semi consulting GmbH:

Founded in March 2016, kdm semi consulting GmbH is the maker of Shibui-IT™, a data processing software suite which offers Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for Business Intelligence and Planning Application applications. The company’s mission is to provide best-in-class SaaS expertise and Strategic consulting to companies looking to gain a competitive edge in the components and systems technology sector. For more information about Shibui-IT™, please visit