kdm semi consulting GmbH (k•d•m) is connected with a global team of Semiconductor & Technology Professionals and IT Experts providing best-in-class SaaS expertise concatenated with strategic consulting services for components and trading companies and smaller OEMs.

To market and deploy Shibui-IT™, k•d•m has established an international partner network of business process consulting, IT-implementation and application maintenance expertise.




Tecams - Industry Experience:

Tecams - Positioning:

Purpose of the company

The purpose of the company is to market innovative technologies, primarily in electrical engineering and electronics as well as in the field of information technology. TECAMS acts both as a distributor and as a business consulting. Companies that are true experts in their field are among the first partners of Tecams. Tecams has been in contact with the business owners and key individuals for many years. These are the foundation for a long-term, reliable cooperation ......in order to achieve the ultimate goal: satisfied customers!

Areas of Expertise:

Franz Svacina is a graduate in electronics and communications engineering. After four years in the development of mechanics and electronics system for a start-up company he joined the semiconductor distribution market. As a product manager for well-known semiconductor companies such as Motorola, HP, STM, Temic, he was responsible for the expansion of the business and also for the technical support of the customers. Until the foundation of his own company he stayed with the distribution industry for 18 years. His passion to the electronics market and information technology with its constant innovations and improvements in technology and its commitment to deliver high quality service to his customer base are the hallmarks of his company.

Professional consultancy and Subject Matter Expertise in the field of:

  • Track record of identifying opportunities and closing strategies 

  • Able to sell and adapt SaaS tools like Shibui-IT™ into existing ERP and CRM environments

  • Excellent skillset in business and process training


  • TECAMS was registered on Sep 9th 2009 as an unrecorded sole proprietorship

  • Operations commenced on Oct. 1st 2009

  • Privately held

  • Location: Vienna, Austria

  • Central Europe coverage

Your Contacts:

Franz Svacina | Tecams
E-Mail franz.svacina@tecams.at | Phone: +43 664 1206900

Klaus D. Mueller | kdm semi consulting GmbH
E-Mail klaus@kdmsemiconsulting.com | Phone: +1 289 218 3346