kdm semi consulting GmbH (k•d•m) is connected with leading technology companies to make use of their market proven HW & SW solutions.

To support the data visualization and web delivery of its Shibui-IT™ SaaS solution, k•d•m has partnered with XLCubed.

The perfect software tool to meet Shibui-IT™’s frontend requirements


Shibui-IT™ has chosen XLCubed’s BI tools to connect Shibui-IT™’s front-end design to its relational OLAP database. 

To optimize Shibui-IT™’s reporting functions and Excel integration, k•d•m uses XLCubed Excel.

With the help of XLCubed Web, k•d•m can now also make Shibui-IT™ reports accessible from any electronic device in a matter of seconds.

About XLCubed

XLCubed’s products helps customers achieve more in reporting and analytics.
An enhanced, data-connected Excel environment gives unrivalled flexibility in reporting and data visualization. Business users leverage existing skills, becoming highly productive quickly.
XLCubed Web adds governance and scalability, enabling the sharing of Excel-developed, data-connected reports and dashboards with web and mobile users across an organization.
With over a decade’s experience working with customers using Microsoft Analysis Services, in recent years we have added connectors for SAP HANA, Oracle Essbase, IBM TM1, Power BI and many of the Big Data sources. www.xlcubed.com

About k•d•m 


kdm semi consulting GmbH (k•d•m), is a company headquartered in Germany that provides innovative software solutions to small- and medium-sized businesses. Supported by a global network of industry partners and subject matter experts, k•d•m’s own SaaS product line – Shibui-IT™ – brings a new level of sophistication, simplicity, and rigour to strategic decision-making.