Executive Summary

“Shibui-IT™” Sales Planning Tool is a powerful and flexible web-based tool that links the two major functions of Strategic forecasting, adjusting forecasts to review strategic goals, and integrating all kind of sales data to ensure that these forecasts are accurate and supported.


  • Replaces the manual and time consuming efforts to create opportunity assessment reports
  • Creates and delivers ad hoc and customized executive reports for all kind of business, operations and management reviews
  • Links and integrates all sources of sales, marketing and financial data inputs – from SalesForce.com (CRM & Opportunity Management) to Excel spreadsheets
  • State of the art cloud hosted web application delivered within Software as a Service (SaaS) model
  • Able to support all common data base formats (Oracle, IBM, SAP HANA, MS Access)

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Configurations – Key Options

Shibui-IT™ is an advanced analytics and forecasting software suite that produces more accurate forecasts and pipelines to make sales planning a collaborative and effective addition to any ERP system.

Shibui-IT™ will create and deliver ad hoc and customized executive reports by linking and integrating all sources of sales data inputs, from SFdc to Excel spreadsheets, as well as any accessible ERP data. K•d•m semi consulting commits to make instant roll out and guarantees an immediate return of investment (increase of profitability).

Shibui-IT™ is offered in two specifications Basic and Advanced (as shown)

Organizational Model
Basic - Sales Advanced - All Functions
  • Central system and continuous planning
  • Planning process
  • Trend planning
  • Free aggregate planning
  • Plan versioning
  • Matrix planning, e.g. Global acting customer vs. regional goals
  • Multi KPI support
  • Various planning requirements
  • Comment functionality
  • Daily Change management
  • Billing, Backlog
  • Actual/Plan comparison
  • Plan differences
  • Self-service approach
  • Time granularity by month
  • Sales-Opportunity-Tracking, Backorder, Business Plan, Market data, Leads, FAE Support, Samples, Sales Prices
  • Channel Reporting, Business Development, Product Lifecycle, Sales compensation
  • Operational to Strategic Reporting
  • Sales Price Analysis, Currency analysis, Sales-Opportunity-Revenue-Projection
  • Dashboard, Report Broadcaster
  • Time granularity by day
Master Data
  • Ownership by customer and product
  • Extend further aggregates
  • Define aggregates by planner
  • Historical Views
  • Master Data Harmonization
  • Customer Role Concepts
Productivity Improvement
7 - 12 %
15 - 20 %

Market Supremacy – Highlights

  • Global used Software and Hardware platform
    → Go right ahead with market leading platform
  • Proven planning and reporting functionalities
    → Leap frog evolution of planning and reporting
  • Customizable to business requirements
    → Business defines technical requirements
  • Scalable user and option licensing model
    → Pay what is required
  • Software as a Service instead on premise installation
    → Hardware and software is outsourced
  • Seasoned consulting experts and on-site support
    → k•d•m semi consulting founds on practical experience
  • Strong partnership
    → k•d•m semi consulting partners with a global network

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Return of Invest – Pay Off

  • Ad hoc profitability improvement
    → Risk management monitoring, cost controlling: Sales Prices, Currency, Stock Levels
  • Investment attraction
    → Convince investors by proving your market penetration
  • Board of Directors Reviews
    → Focus on the real story instead of spending time on getting the data
  • Executive Outlook
    → Link business planning with operational planning
  • Product lifecycle support
    → Align product investments with customer application needs
  • Customer focus
    → Sales team pulls information on hand to work towards business goal
  • Proactive operations
    → Planning quality will improve operations efficiency
  • Compensation management
    → Transparent, non-contradictory and business-focused Sales Compensation
  • Market visibility
    → Enable market data comparison

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