Shibui-IT™ Applications

Discover the new world of Shibui-IT™ BI applications and experience a new array of visualization tools (charts, graphs, and tables) that present enterprise data in a way that immediately recognizes their practical value. Shibui-IT™ enables the maximum use of existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) information and is the perfect tool to support a true Sales & Operation Process (S&OP).

Shibui-IT™ is equipped with innovative features that many companies in the Distribution or OEM business have been waiting for. It has a user-friendly and intuitive interface and is compatible with any existing ERP and CRM solutions with minimal implementation effort. 

Shibui-IT™ BI application library combines a broad set of basic performance indicators and special developed Shibui-IT™ reports like vantage & delta charts and customer fact sheets, including ad hoc analysis and querying.

The following selection of Shibui-IT™ applications are operational and available for purchase.

  • Book to Bill Ratio

  • Booking Trend

  • Revenue Projection

  • Revenue Performance Product Line

  • Revenue Performance Region

  • Revenue Performance Top Customer

  • Delta or Waterfall Chart

  • Vantage Chart

  • Sales Opportunity Health

  • Sales Opportunity Change

  • Customer Fact Sheet

  • AdHoc Analysis Tool