Shibui-IT™ Hardware & Software Architecture

Shibui-IT Architecture.jpg

For the cloud-based Shibui-IT™ solution, k•d•m partners with global players for virtual machines, most advanced software logics, network infrastructure and storage solutions. Shibui-IT™ uses a heterogeneous hardware landscape, which consists of four system categories: 1. general servers for VPN, transport and support solutions, 2. an advanced development system [DEV], 3. a quality assurance system [QS], and 4. a production system [PRD]. For testing purposes DEV, QS and PRD are as similar as possible. Shibui-IT™ uses a proven software platform to accelerate development and deployment, while simultaneously focusing on functional requirements. To deliver on its promises, k•d•m makes use of industry-approved databases and applications to ensure that its software supports the hardware. Our system architecture allows any level of scalability. Moreover, our use of programming logic transforms any Shibui-IT™ concept and design into user friendly applications. This architecture is designed for use on operating systems ranging from desktop terminals to tablets and smart phones. The graphic below displays the typical Shibui-IT™ architecture.