Shibui-IT™ - balance simplicity with complexity


Shibui-IT™ is a data processing software suite, which offers a web/cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for Sales Planning & Reporting applications focusing on the semiconductor & passive components market, OEM/ODM customers and the financial asset market.

Shibui-IT™ powerful front-end Sales Planning software suite links and integrates all kind of sales and customer data with any existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and processes. Shibui-IT™ targets business owners of small to medium businesses and investors who need to monitor their objectives and investments they set with a tool easy to use, quickly and simply to install and best in price, performance and maintenance.


  • Creates and delivers ad hoc and customized executive reports for all kind of business, operations and investment reviews 

  • Links and integrates all sources of sales, marketing and financial data inputs – from SFdc to Excel spreadsheets to any ERP data

  • Replaces the manual and time consuming efforts to create opportunity assessment reports

  • Able to support all common data base formats (Oracle, IBM, SAP HANA, MS Access)