Shibui-IT™ Business Intelligence Applications

The selection of Shibui applications shown in this newsletter contains various pieces of dashboard reports which span from basic Billing and Booking reports up to examples of unprecedented customer fact sheets and adhoc analysis tools.

Shibui-IT™ Business intelligence (BI) applications are business and process proven reports to help corporate executives, business managers and financial investors to make better business decisions. Best business practices and the many years of k•d•m business experience and executive qualities have been incorporated into Shibui-IT™.

Shibui-IT™ BI applications combine a broad set of standard Billing and Booking reports, various revenue analysis reports, including ad hoc analysis and querying. Special developed Shibui-IT™ reports like Vantage Charts and Customer Fact Sheets are also part of the Shibui-IT™ BI application library.

The following selection of Shibui-IT™ applications shown in this newsletter will display visualized data on business metrics and key performance indicators in an easy-to-use way.

  • Shibui-IT™ Revenue Performance Overview
  • Shibui-IT™ Basic Booking Reporting
  • Shibui-IT™ Revenue Reporting
  • Shibui-IT™ Vantage Chart
  • Shibui-IT™ Customer Fact Sheet
  • Shibui-IT™ AdHoc Analysis Tool