Shibui-IT™ Revenue Delta Analysis

Shibui-IT™ Revenue Delta Chart is a waterfall chart of data visualizing the cumulative effect of sequentially introduced positive or negative values. Often in finance, it will be referred to as a bridge. In the following example the Shibui-IT™ Revenue Delta Chart is used for understanding how the to be compared quarterly values; i.e. QoQ are affected by a series of intermediate positive or negative values. Usually the initial (Q3 2014) and the final values (Q4 2014) are represented by whole columns, while the intermediate values are denoted by floating columns.

Shibui-IT™ Revenue Delta Chart intermediate value impacts are:

  • Delta Volume
  • Delta ASP (Average Sales Price)
  • Delta Blend (Mix of Volume & ASP)
  • Delta EoL (End of Life)