”kdm semi consulting” announces corporate restructuring

Steinhoering, Germany (May 7, 2016) – kdm semi consulting, the creator of Shibui-IT™, has announced changes to its legal structure. The corporate restructuring has resulted in the founding of kdm semi consulting GmbH, our sister company now responsible for further product development and service offering of Shibui-IT™. The headquarters of kdm semi consulting GmbH is going to be based in Steinhoering (Bavaria). Johannes Buergmayr, CTO and Co-founder of kdm semi consulting has been appointed Managing Director with immediate effect.

kdm semi consulting GmbH.jpg

 "The new legal entity – kdm semi consulting GmbH – enables better proof-of-performance and deploys our groundbreaking software solution Shibui-IT™ more quickly to potential customers around the globe," says Klaus Mueller, Founder of kdm semi consulting GmbH.  "As a company with its roots in IT Software and Semiconductor technology, we are committed to delivering breakthrough SaaS products and excellent consulting services that will help companies gain a competitive edge in the components and systems technology sector."

kdm semi consulting GmbH offers its clients consulting services for a wide-range of SaaS - and business-related aspects. Whether customers are looking to take advantage of kdm semi consulting GmbH’s latest Shibui-IT™ solutions to enhance Sales & Operation Processes, are looking for marketing advice on new technology and product launches, or require assistance with the expansion of business structures and enterprises into new markets, kdm semi consulting GmbH and its team of professionals can provide effective business solutions and strategies to achieve these goals.

About kdm semi consulting GmbH:
Founded in March 2016, kdm semi consulting GmbH is the maker of Shibui-IT™, a data processing software suite which offers Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for Sales Planning & Reporting applications. The company’s mission is to provide best-in-class SaaS expertise and Strategic consulting to companies looking to gain a competitive edge in the components and systems technology sector. For more information about kdm semi consulting GmbH, please visit its website at www.kdmsemiconsulting.com.