Shibui-IT™ Business Intelligence @ work

Shibui-IT at work

Business data has become too complex and voluminous for executives, investors and analysts to keep track. We run the risk of no longer being able to properly monitor, compile and analyze the most vital and relevant financial data. In today’s business world, financial reports lack organizational clarity and waste important company resources that could be utilized elsewhere. More importantly, reports never seem to be handy when they are needed most. Shibui-IT™’s mission is to collect all business data from any existing CRM and ERP systems, or even from simple Excel sheets. At the push of a button, Shibui-IT™ converts any data set into user-friendly and quickly accessible charts (or other forms of visual representation), while maintaining an extraordinary level of detail for further analyses.
The Shibui-IT™ Revenue Delta Chart exhibits one of Shibui-IT™’s many applications. Stay tuned for additional demonstrations in k•d•m’s next newsletter.