Shibui-IT™ Dashboard Applications

Discover the new world of Shibui-IT™ BI applications and experience a new array of visualization tools (charts, graphs, and tables) that present enterprise data in a way that immediately recognizes their practical value. Shibui-IT™ enables the maximum use of existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) information and is the perfect tool to support a true Sales & Operation Process (S&OP).

What is Shibui-IT™

In an age of ‘Big Data’, many companies struggle to manage or make sense of the constant barrage of information aimed at them. A business intelligence tool like k•d•m’s Shibui-IT™ is essential to help decision makers access the data and analysis they need to adapt to changing business conditions and capitalize on new opportunities quickly. Well, Shibui is definitely packed with novel features to:

• get a complete picture of what the revenue effects are between the current and the previous quarter

• review the booking and billing performance of products, regions and organizations on a regular basis

• help monitor the performance of mature and new products

• evaluate the full business opportunities of the existing customer base

• deliver a comprehensive analysis of all existing business opportunities in the funnel 

• link business plans to sales performance and opportunity creation 

Additionally, decision makers in the finished goods OEM and Distribution business need a tool that exceeds the capabilities of traditional sales reporting tools. They need a tool that has been specially developed to:

• monitor customer requirements and supplier performance

• align inventories with delivery demands

• record price quotes and other sales data 

Shibui-IT™ Dashboard Applications can achieve all of the above and many more.

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Available SW Modules

Shibui-IT™ is equipped with innovative features that many companies in the Distribution or OEM business have been waiting for. It has a user-friendly and intuitive interface and is compatible with any existing ERP and CRM solutions with minimal implementation effort. 

Let’s have a look at the three major feature modules of the Shibui-IT™ Dashboard Applications:

Basic Sales Applications

Basic performance indicators are required to manage a business effectively. Shibui-IT™ reports provide a customized view of important data in the form of charts, graphs and tables.

  • Book to Bill Ratio

    #check health of orders taken to products shipped

  • Booking Trend

    #tracking of the booking evolution

  • Revenue Projection

    #financial metrics backed up by solid data

  • Revenue Performance Product Line

    #billing performance of mature and new products

  • Revenue Performance Region

    #billing performance of organizations

  • Revenue Performance Top Customer

    #focus on revenue drivers

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Advanced Sales Applications

Advanced sales applications change the way companies are typically monitored and managed. These reports, which are unique to Shibui-IT™, provide specific information about the quality of the business to supply chain management, marketing & sales and product operations.

  • Delta Chart or Waterfall Chart

    #revenue effects between current quarter and previous quarter

  • Vantage Chart

    #inventory in line with delivery times of suppliers and customer's requirements

  • Sales Opportunity Health

    #enough business opportunities in the opportunity funnel

  • Sales Opportunity Change

    #lost funnel opportunities adequately monitored

  • Customer Fact Sheet

    #assigned Customer Base performance

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AdHoc Analytics

Shibui-IT™ is specifically designed to perform Ad Hoc analyses using existing Shibui-IT™ reports. It enables the user to access any data set via a drag and drop interface. Interactive, easy-to-use and flexible – Shibui-IT™’s AdHoc is an indispensable tool for an excellent, one-stop business intelligence solution.

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Learn more about Shibui-IT™

When you need a business intelligence tool that balances simplicity and complexity and enables executives and investors to improve their decision-making, please contact k•d•m or our business partners Tecams and HUCAR for more information about this tool and to schedule a free demo session of the Shibui-IT™ PoC/Prototype.