Shibui-IT™ - Product Update and Modules in Development

Shibui-IT™ - Product Update

As communicated during Embedded World 2019 kdm semi consulting GmbH has started in 2016 a very ambitious Shibui-IT™ project with an Alpha customer based in Hong Kong and China. In the course of this project kdm semi consulting GmbH has not only introduced many innovations  and new modules for our Shibui-IT™ product line kdm semi consulting GmbH also made an architectural change from SAP to MS Azure and a new Webserver platform.

The following list shows you the number of Shibui-IT™ modules kdm semi consulting GmbH is currently working on.

It is kdm semi consulting GmbH’s goal to launch a market ready new Proof of Concept (PoC) beginning of May 2019 to allow prospective clients exploring the new version of Shibui-IT™.

It's focused on the customer, listening to his or her issues and challenges, and finally meeting those challenges with unprecedented features and services, and unmatched in quality, functionality and price.

Shibui-IT™ Modules in Development

BASIC Features - May 2019

The Shibui-IT™ executive reporting dashboard covers all key metrics to view the company's performance in real-time.

Shibui-IT™ Advanced Connector (SAC) - Nov 2018

Shibui-IT™ uses a highly customizable interface application (C#/.Net). This processing logic extracts and processes data from any ERP, CRM or Flat Files sources.

Finished Good Purchasing - tbd

Adds relevant finished good purchasing documents to have full product control of distribution business.

Inventory Controlling - tbd

Links Sales & Purchasing Data with Inventory Reporting.

Advanced Planner - tbd

Considers Bulk Commodity, Business Development (new / mature / eol / cannibalization), pattern planning. Free selection of available data points.

Pricing Manager - tbd

Records quotations. Using predictive Ship & Debit approach.

P.O.S. Manager - tbd

Transmits and receives P.O.S. data to enable Distribution specific business metrics and compliance.

Finance Sales KPI - tbd

Finance KPI with focus on Sales and FG Purchasing data. Close link between KPI valuation and Sales activities.