Newsletter Editorial 3|2015

Welcome to the 3rd k•d•m semi consulting Newsletter issue of 2015. The inaugural issues consists of articles explaining the key deliverables of Shibui-IT™ and highlight the use of Shibui-IT™ SaaS for various areas of application. With the successful completion of the proof of concept with data from a mid-sized fictitious company, k•d•m is happy to show some powerful business intelligence applications at work. The selection of Shibui applications shown in this newsletter contains various pieces of dashboard reports which span from basic Billing and Booking reports up to examples of unprecedented customer fact sheets and adhoc analysis tools.

k•d•m invites you to discover a new world of BI reports. The next issue will focus on a new way of Sales Planning.

I promise you these brand-new applications will make you curious so you will come for a visit to

Warm regards,
Klaus D Mueller